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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Once I purchase a custom instrumental will you sell it again?
    ​A. No, this is not a lease. Once you purchase your custom made instrumental no one else will make a song with it. We add an exclusive use contract with each purchase.
  • Q. Can you produce around just my vocals?
    A. Yes many of our clients send us just a phone recording of their song or idea and we build around it.
  • Q. Will my instrumental be mixed?
    A. Yes our lead producer is a professionally trained audio engineer and mixes every instrumental to radio broadcast quality. We also offer song mixing as well.
  • Q. What if I want to get the whole song mixed, instrumental and vocals?"
    A. Every custom instrumental comes with stems/track outs of each instrument so you can get a professional mix on your song if needed. We also offer that service!
  • Q. Will I be able to put the finished song up for sell and/or stream?
    A. Yes, there is no limit on how many sells or streams you can have.
  • Q. Is it possible to make changes on the instrumental once it's finished?
    A. Yes once the instrumental is finished you will get two revisions to make any minor changes. After the two initial revisions there is a $25 charge for any additional changes.
  • Q. Do you require a deposit?
    A. Yes we require half of the project cost up front before we start and half before we release the finished instrumental.
  • Q. Can Music by King sell the custom instrumental to another artist?
    A. No prior to beginning work there is an exclusive use agreement that we will sign declaring that we will not re-sell the instrumental to another artist nor will the artist re-sell the instrumental.
  • Q. Will you make any money off the sells of my song?
    A. No we do not take money from your sells.
  • Q.What about producer credit and performing rights splits?
    A. As this is a collaboration between artist and producer, we do require producer credit and the standard producer/writer split only for performing rights. You keep 100% of all sales and or streaming profits.
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