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Learn how to produce, mix and master in one of the music industries top digital audio workstations, Pro-Tools by Avid, guided by Emmy award winning TV Composer, Music Producer and Engineer Sonny King.

This course teaches students how to make custom instrumentals in any genre using Avid Pro Tools and virtual instruments. Students learn the basic functions of Pro Tools, music theory and chord progressions, MIDI and MIDI editing, music production, rhythm, bass and melody, mixing and mastering. They also gain a foundational understanding of sound selection and building templates, and learn techniques for turning emotions into sound. The course includes a Music Producer Bundle, with custom-made drum loops, MIDI chord progressions, MIDI drum samples, and Pro Tools templates to help students kickstart their music career.

Sonny will take you through every part of the production process step by step using the same tips and tricks he uses on some of the most popular TV shows and soundtracks in the world. 

Enroll Today by clicking the link or scan the code below!!  

About Me: Bio

"I want to push the boundaries of HIP HOP and R&B, even POP music and create a unique sound that drives the industry"

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