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Sonny King engineering in a professional studio

Behind the Music

The Full Story

"God is my savior. Music is my life."

That’s how Sonny King describes himself. An artist but a musician first with a true passion for music. A United States Marine taking on a new challenge. ​

Though a pro-tools wizard and professional music producer, King got his start as a musician playing in bands, choirs and groups as a drummer since the age of 8. After serving in the Marine Corp, he started a Hip Hop group called "The Family" that quickly gained fame in the VA and NC area.

Only three years later a Dj by the name of Green Lantern heard his music and placed his song on a mixtape which gained him a bigger buzz. That would lead to a record deal with NVS Music Group and eventually a single deal with Universal for his pop crossover hit "She Got Swag" and later "Ball Like Magic". Now with his own company, Music By King Inc, King is in the studio working with indies, major labels, and TV shows to create a new sound to help push music in a new direction.

About Me: Bio

"I want to push the boundaries of HIP HOP and R&B, even POP music and create a unique sound that drives the industry"

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