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Your Personal Music Producer

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Your Personal Music Producer

ARE YOU TIRED of getting the SAME BEATS that hundreds, even thousands, of artist have recorded too?

Wouldn’t you love to have YOUR OWN personal PROFESSIONAL MUSIC PRODUCER at your disposal to create custom unique music for you that no one else has?

Need a PERSONAL SOUND DESIGNER to MIX, MASTER and MOLD your sound just for your project?



Every talented artist is worth the major artist experience and deserves their own support network to help them navigate the music industry. At Music by King Inc we put our 20 years of experience to work for our clients and use it to propel them towards their God given destiny. Our clients receive award winning music production, commercial radio/album sound quality, mixing and mastering skills that surpass their expectations, as well as assistance in creating compelling lyrics that connect with their fans. Our mission as a music production company is to not only prepare our talented clients to become working musicians in a career as an independent or record label artist but to guide, educate, and mentor them along the path.

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Your Personal Music Producer


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Your Personal Music Producer


“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy”

 Ludwig van Beethoven 


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